Development of new products & services

The unique background and industrial customer focus of HMS includes the creation, development, and commercialization of new products and services. We partner with companies to bring ideas to market with IP protection. We can create more value for your innovative product.
Direct and co-development of innovative products and services used by the EF steel industry.

IP guidance and protection • Promotion and marketing • Commercialization of your idea.

Call me and let’s discuss if I can help you develop and launch a new product.


Super Plug

A safer and more effective way of lifting & handling graphite electrodes, designed to replace outdated graphite plugs for improved safety, and dramatically
longer service life.
Working with Mark Koenig at EXO Technologies we saw the need and developed a product. This included patent protection, securing supply, and testing.


Measures, Controls, and Optimizes the consumption of graphite
electrodes using advanced digital technologies and the tools of Industry 4.0. Working with AMI Automation we saw the need and developed the product including patent protection as well as selling the first units.

Subscription Service

The need for a way to purchase improvements other than CAPX led to the development with AMI Automation of a comprehensive subscription service.
This new digital business approach provides EAF steel producers with a way to optimize their entire base of EAFs and LMFs. This service agreement provides steel plants with the ability to rapidly upgrade plants

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