Business Development

• Executive Sales – We facilitate strategic partnerships
• Technical Sales – We create opportunities

HMS business development includes guidance and implementation of sales and marketing strategies and strategic partnerships as well as advising on industry trends and opportunities. Together with our legal team we can assist in designing offers, contracts, and proposals that sell. We can help your business succeed. Call me and let’s discuss if I can help.

• Executive sales and training
• Advising and connecting
• A network of steel industry solutions

• Technical sales and training
• Operator, procurement, and management training
• AMI Automation optimization technology.

Example – Subscription Service – The need for a way to purchase improvements other than CAPX led to the development with AMI Automation of a comprehensive subscription service. This new digital business approach provides EAF steel producers with a way to optimize their entire base of EAF’s and LMF’s. This service agreement provides steel plants with the ability to rapidly upgrade plants.

Example – Brand building and sales consulting – Created and executed a targeted sales campaign to use AMI technology to reduce EAF Graphite Electrode consumption.  

Give me a call. I can help!