• Graphite electrode physical properties testing.
• Define the quality you need

Graphite electrode performance is usually judged by performance in use on the EAF in terms of consumption per ton. Little attention has been paid (until now) to the actual physical properties of the graphite and how this affects performance in use on the EAF. Our program defines, measures, and verifies the physical properties of the materials you are using. Make sure you are getting the material you ordered. Define the quality you need. Our testing creates measurable criteria which can result in clear and definable graphite electrode requirements for your specific EAF

HMS Graphite testing services are provided by an ASTM certified lab located in the Midwest. Testing is completed utilizing ASTM and HMS guidelines. Together we provide the service and the reports you need.
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Standard Testing of manufactured carbon and graphite electrodes includes:
ASTM C559, ASTM C561, C611, C651, C695
Additional Testing as requested

Technical data sheet

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