Graphite Electrode Services

Graphite Electrode Services

·       Testing

·       Usage

·       Manufacturing

·       Technical

·       Performance

·       Consulting

·       Market perspective

All things related to the testing, purchase, marketing and use of graphite electrodes in the steel industry.

HMS Graphite Electrode services are provided by strategic partnerships and industry partners. Together we provide the service and the reports you need.Call me and let’s discuss if I can help.

  • Graphite Electrode testing. Pins breaking? Usage up? Make sure your getting the material you ordered.
  • Operator, procurement, and management training in graphite electrode usage
  • Questions on the manufacturing of Graphite electrodes?
  • Consulting on graphite electrode optimization and control.
  • Market perspective: An unbiased view of the graphite electrode market.

White paper on the Graphite Electrode Market 2017-2018.

For a copy of this 12-page paper explaining what happened to the market in 2018, email me at

Questions about Graphite Electrodes? Give me a call. I can help!